Maine in May Means Skiing…Megan’s Happy!!

It’s May and usually that means my skis have been put away for the season. Not this year!!!! My daughter, Marianna aka Mars aka the babe, and I decided to road trip to Maine.

Mars came home from college a few days ago. We talked about taking a trip to ski in New England but then mountains started closing earlier than we hoped. So, we were just going to stay home. Yesterday I looked up a few mountains and found out this is the last weekend for Sugarloaf in Maine. Two hours later we were on the road. I’m thankful that the babe is flexible.

The only thing we had planned was to ski and figured we’ll just drive until we’re tired and get a hotel at that point. A few hours in we stopped at a grocery store and loaded up on road trip snacks. (On a good day my fridge has a few vegetables mixed in with the condiments and booze…yesterday was not a good day so a stop was necessary)

Around 2am we still had about three hours to go and we were both tired. Instead of a hotel I decided to pull off and just rest. As we pulled off an exit there happened to be a Cabela’s, so we parked among the RVs and napped. Of course I had thoughts of Criminal Minds tv show and didn’t fall asleep right away 😂

I woke up a few hours later and got back on the road. As we were getting closer to the mountain we saw snow in the side of the road. Snow makes me so happy and I’ve been smiling ever since I saw the white mounds of heaven.

We arrived at Sugarloaf, got front row parking, and it will be number 47 in my quest to 50. I haven’t made it out on the slope yet but I know it will be awesome!!! Skiing in May in the beautiful state of Maine…of course it will be a great day on snow.

Slopes to go: 3

18-19 season days on snow: 34

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