Little House On The Prairie – Perfect for an Old Lady Sleepover

School being out for summer, and a friend’s birthday are perfect excuses for a slumber party. A “girls weekend” without the travel. I’m an empty nester so my home was used.

We gathered together after dinner and started the evening with margaritas and laughter. Then we switched to some Tito’s and TV. We created this Little House On The Prairie drinking game.

Drink when:

Ma says “Charles” in THE tone

Pa plays his fiddle

Pa smokes his pipe

Laura and/or Mary are seen in their nightcaps

Laura is fishing

Laura is running home from school

Laura is called ‘half pint’

Nellie stomps her feet

Willy has to stand in the corner

Walnut Grove is mentioned

The General Store is spotted

If you see a sling shot- do a shot

As you watch the show you will realize nighttime on the prairie will require the most drinking. Fiddle playing, pipe smoking, nightcaps, and of course the flirty “Charles!” take place in the evening. Season one provides more opportunities for drinks too.

The show was pretty progressive. Watching it as an adult I fell in love with Charles all over again. He and Ma were total partners and supported each other completely.

The evening ended with us crashed on the couch…after midnight 😊

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