Day 1 – Blog’s Name

I am one month away from the best day ever, my birthday!! I’m going to do the 30 day blog challenge over the next month.

Blog’s Name

Mid-life ski crisis…

My friends started Lift Ticket TV ( three years ago. They set out to ski every Pennsylvania SkiPA Resort in one year. I tagged along for some of the trips and in that season realized I skied the same resorts over and over.

I was having a ski crisis!! I started skiing at 10 years old and had only skied about 15 resorts in almost forty years. I had to fix that dilemma. So now I’m working on 50 slopes in my first 50 years.

I have some grand plans for this season. I’m planning a trip to Salt Lake City and hope to hit four resorts in two days. I’m visiting a friend in Wisconsin for a weekend to ski the local resorts. Denver another weekend and hopefully hit at least three mountains. Plus, of course, trips north to New England.

Life is too wonderful to have a real midlife crisis. I’m alive, healthy, surrounded by a loving community, and I have too much energy to wallow and worry about the past.

We’re in this world together so let’s plan to live life with love, courage, and kindness, do what we love, and do it often!!!

Mountains to go in challenge: 17

Days on snow 18/19 season: 6

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